Connecting Apps and Integrations with Form

FormBold offers tons of apps and integrations that you can connect with your forms as notification channels, spam protection, lead generation, and more. We will keep building new integrations for our users depending on use-cases, demands, and usefulness. Currently we have these apps and integrations available to connect or on roadmap.

🔔 Available Apps as Submission Notification Channels

to learn more, please visit dedicated integrations page.

💬 How to Connect?

⚡ Connecting Apps with Your Forms (Video)


Steps (TLDR)

  • 1️⃣ Login to your account and open a specific form -> Settings
  • 2️⃣ Click to Apps you can see all available Apps you can connect
  • 3️⃣ Choose an App to Connect and authorize app with required actions
  • ☑️ You're done! App is now connected with your form end-point.

✨ Integrations for Spam Protection and Enhancements

  • ✅ Google reCAPTCHA (Live) [All Users]
  • ✅ Server-Side Spam Protection Mechanism (Live) [All Users]
  • ✅ Submission Data Export Option (Live) [PRO]

If you would like to see what we are adding next on FormBold, please follow 🛣️ FormBold Public Roadmap