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Apps and Integrations

FormBold offers tons of third-party apps and integrations with your form end-point so that you can connect with your forms as notification channels, all the integrations will provide update in real-time and might need specific permission.


From to email

Email address as notification and submission channel connected and turned on by default. So you will never miss a new submission! You can also turn off email notifications if needed from the dashboard.


From to slack

This will allow you to connect your Slack channel with your specific forms, when a form submission is received you will also receive submission data with notification via Slack in real-time.

Google Sheet

From to google sheet

This will allow you to Connect Google Sheet with your form and get submission data directly inserted into your Sheet file. You can also export your Sheet data to different formats depending on needs.


From to webhook

Webhooks allow you to receive real-time HTTP notifications of your form submissions, you can connect the form via webhooks with Zapier, n8n, Integromat, Pabbly, IFTT, and similar services to automate specific tasks.


From to telegram

Telegram integration will allow you to receive submission notifications via Telegram with message data, Telegram is the best solution for personal messaging with a great focus on privacy and encryption.


From to notion

You can connect the FormBold form end-point with a specific Notion file. Just make sure you mapped the form with the file properly (not the database) and provided the required permissions.