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Complete Form Solution for Websites

Free web form solution that includes form API, backend, and builder. Receive website form submissions directly to your inbox, Slack, Sheet, Notion, Telegram and more - all without the need for server or coding. FormBold seamlessly works with all types of static and dynamic sites including HTML, React, Next.js, and JAMstack. Also our easy-to-use online form builder allows you to effortlessly build, publicly share, and embed forms on your desired website.

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Secure, easy to use with all essential features!

A simple, no-code and complete Form solution for your next web project

Free to Get Started

FormBold is free to use, we are offering a decent free plan for personal projects, experiments and hobby projects.

Link Multiple Emails

Link multiple email address under your parent account, use any of them for your forms to recieve submissions.

Easy to Use Form API

Simple and easy-to use form API all you need to paste your end-point URL on your form, rest assured by FormBold.

Connect Apps

Connect apps and integrations with your form, get notified with data when you recieve new submission on a form.

Spam Free & Encrypted

We use server-side mechanism to make sure submissions are spam free and all messages are end-to-end encrypted.

Attach Large Files

You can allow end users to attach or upload attachments, you will recieve a CDN link of attachment with submission data.

Data Export to CSV

Visualize and export form submission data to CSV in single click.

Connect Messaging Apps

FormBold provides all essentials integrations, so you can connect forms with your favorite messaging apps and channels.

Recaptcha Integration

Even though we have server-side spam filtering system, FormBold provides free Google Recaptha integration option for all forms.

No Coding Required

FormBold designed in a way that, you no need any coding skills. Just paste endpoint on form and you're ready to go.

Custom Redirect

Redirect users to specific URL after successful form submissions.

Free Form Templates

We crafted tons of diverse and ready-to-use form templates, that you can use for different purposes. And of course will keep adding new form templates.

Works with almost anything

Connect apps and get notified immediately.

When a new submission is received, get notified immediately with submission data. Connect your form with apps and integrations you like and never miss a submission again. Currently, we have - Slack, Telegram, Zapier, and Webhook integrations and more integrations are coming soon!


Simple Steps to Handle Dynamic Contact Form Without Server!

Straight forward and simple steps to make static forms dynamic and start receiving submissions via Email, Slack, Telegram and more.

Step One

Register & Login

Create account and login to FormBold, you will be redirected to user dashboard where you can create forms to get unique form endpoint.

steps image

Step Two

Copy Your Form Endpoint

When you create a form from user dashboard, you will immediately get an unique form endpoint URL for your form that you just created.

steps image

Step Three

Paste Endpoint URL

Paste your form endpoint URL as action value to start collecting submissions and make your form dynamic immediately.

steps image

Step Four

Done! and Ready to Use

Its done! your form is ready to collect submissions and its fully dynamic. You will recieve notifications of form submissions via email and apps you connected also can see submission data from your account.

steps image

Supports and Works with All Hosting Platforms and Frameworks

All you need to paste the form end-point URL and follow the framework conventions and it does not matter where you hosted the site or form

And More...
And More...

Super easy to integrate, no library, dependency needed.

Example implementations for different tech stacks


    <!-- modify this form HTML and place wherever you want your form -->
    <form action="" method="POST">
      <input type="email" placeholder="Email" name="email">
      <input type="text" placeholder="Subject" name="subject">
      <textarea name="message" placeholder="Type your message"></textarea>
      <!-- your other form fields go here -->
      <button type="submit">Send Message</button>
template Image

All essential integrations you need for a form

Connect your forms with different integrations and apps, get notified instantly!







Click the bellow button to see all the essential integrations that you will need to for your form

Premade Form Templates

Ready to use form templates

Tons of free form templates to get started! we crafted all essential form templates that you can start using immediately without coding from scratch.

Explore Templates

Start building automated serverless forms

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