Web Form to Slack - Slack Integration

Connect Slack integration to receive website form submissions directly to your Slack. Form to Slack, super simplified!

Integration Overview

Slack is a popular new messaging app in the professional world using which users can effectively communicate with their teams. Since it is better organized, more secure than using emails, and faster, Slack has received quite a bit of following in recent times. Due to its popularity, Slack has been added to the list of available apps that you can use for web form submissions on FormBold.

With the help of FormBold, you can easily receive all form submissions on your Slack workstream which makes it easier to respond to them and get back to all users. After logging in on FormBold, you can connect your form to Slack and receive all user form submissions directly to Slack. Hence, it avoids chaos and disorganization, allowing you to revert to all user queries without missing out on any of them.

It cannot be disputed that one of the very best ways to make remote work succeed is to ensure that you have the right technology at your disposal to support your team. This is precisely where Slack comes into the picture. You can connect the FormBold forms to all your Slack channels in a quick and hassle-free manner so that you can respond to each form query in a structured and organized way. Integrating FormBold and Slack is the perfect move as it results in a much more streamlined process and allows you to make fewer mistakes or oversights in the long run. Moreover, you can get back to all your users faster and more efficiently.

Steps to Connect Slack with Your FormBold Form

  • 1️⃣ Login to your account and open a specific form -> Settings
  • 2️⃣ Click to Apps you can see all available Apps you can connect.
  • 3️⃣ Choose Slack to Connect and authorize with FormBold app take required actions.
  • ✅ You're done! your Slack is now connected with your form end-point, each time you receive a new submission to your form Slack bot will send a message on Slack too!

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