Web Form to Email - Email Integration

Receive website form submissions with data and notification via email using FormBold.

Integration Overview

How web form to email works is quite simple and straightforward. If you embed a form on your website and use the API of FormBold, you can connect the form on your website to your email. So, you will be able to receive the form submissions directly to your email. After logging in, you can easily connect your form to the available apps, one of which is emails. This is a great idea as it helps you build professional web forms on your website and receive the form submissions directly to your specified email so that you can respond to them as soon as possible.

Here, it is a good idea to ensure that your web form is clean and has a lot of clarity so that your users are not confused by it. Moreover, it should have a professional design for it to be effective. The best part about receiving all the form submissions in your email is that you can organize them according to your needs. In addition to that, you are less likely to forget to answer back to a user’s query. Thankfully, with the help of FormBold, you can easily send your web forms to your mentioned email accounts.

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