Ready to Use and Fully-Working Contact Forms

Collection of ready to use fully-working contact form code for different technologies and platforms such - HTML, React, Gatsby, Vue, Nuxt and More. Create a contact form in seconds for your website by using these ready to use examples. Contact form code examples for different technology platforms. All these contact form is compatible with all popular platforms and web development technologies.


HTML Contact Form

HTML Contact Form using FormBold endpoint, that you can copy-paste and use.

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Contact Form for Alpine.js

A contact form example for the Alpine.js to use with FormBold.

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Ajax-powered Contact Form

This code snippet is a contact form with Ajax-powered submission.

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Contact Form for React

This is an example of a contact form that can be used with React.js projects.

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Contact Form for Next.js

Code example and implementation of a contact form built for Next.js

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Contact Form for Gatsby

A code example for Gatsby that adds a full-featured contact form to your Gatsby site.

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Contact Form for Vue.js

Simple and powerful contact form for your VueJS based website.

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Contact Form for Nuxt

A Nuxt.js code example to add contact form to your website with the help of FormBold.

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Contact Form for Webflow

Use this Contact Form code to quickly get a contact form on your Webflow site.

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