Getform Alternatives - FormBold VS Get Form

Detailed comparison between FormBold and getform

FormBold VS getform

FormBold is a free complete Web Form Solution for Static Websites. When getform says “Getform lets you build workflows using your submission data”

They are proposing a worthy free plan for personal and commercial use cases.

Here we have a feature breakdown table with detailed comparison, so you can decide which one suits your needs or maybe add more values for you as Form API and solution provider.

Comparison between FormBold and getform for the starter plan

Features FormBold getform
Free tier Available Available
Monthly Submissions 3000 1000
Forms You Can Create Unlimited 05 Only
Google Sheet Integration Yes No
Notion Integration Yes No
Slack Integration Yes Yes
Custom Redirection Yes Yes
File Upload Yes Yes
Spam Protection Yes Yes
API access Yes Yes
Webhook access Yes Yes
Custom redirection Yes Yes
Standard price $3/mo $10/mo
Upgrade type Yearly or Monthly Yearly or Monthly

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